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UPDATED Version of Strive for a 5: Preparing for the AP® Statistics Exam

Daren S. Starnes; Josh Tabor

©2020Sixth EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319283094

Fabric of a Nation
A Brief Narrative with Skills and Sources, For the AP® Course

Jason Stacy; Matthew J. Ellington

©2020First EditionCloth TextISBN-13: 9781319178178
For Institutions : $84.99

UPDATED Version of The Practice of Statistics

Daren S. Starnes; Josh Tabor

©2020Sixth EditionCloth TextISBN-13: 9781319269296
For Institutions : $147.89

1200 Update Ways of the World with Sources for the AP® Modern Course

Robert W. Strayer; Eric W. Nelson

©2020Fourth EditionCloth TextISBN-13: 9781319236571
For Institutions : $102.84

Strive for a 5: Preparing for the AP® Physics 1 Course

Gay Stewart; Roger A. Freedman; Todd Ruskell; Philip R. Kesten

©2019Paper TextISBN-13: 9781319226565