Add your voice to our books and media.

Ever want to add your course materials to one of our books or sites? Ever want to pick your favorite parts of our books and media and put them together, online or in print? Ever want to make your own reader? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, explore our Custom Solutions – we can help you figure out what makes sense for you and your students.

Create a custom reader or anthology.

Bedford Select – our online database of stories, poems, plays, essays, and images – makes it fast and easy to create a composition reader or literature anthology made just for you. Pick your readings and your cover, add our instructional materials and/or your own original content, then publish.

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Not sure what you need? Let us help.

Our editors are available for as little or as much consultation as you need. Service and support are an integral part of our custom story. That means we work with you every step of the way – selecting and creating content, mapping materials to course goals, and most importantly, supporting the students and teachers who use our custom books and media.

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