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Language Arts

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Teaching with Hacker Handbooks (Online Only)
Topics, Strategies, and Lesson Plans

Diana Hacker; Marcy Carbaja Van Horn; Jonathan S. Cullick; Sara McCurry

©2015Second EditionInstructor's Resource ManualISBN-13: 9781319062774

Digging into Literature

Joanna Wolfe; Laura Wilder

©2016First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457631306
For Institutions : $35.04

A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking

Dan O'Hair; Hannah Rubenstein; Rob Stewart

©2016Fifth EditionSpiral BoundISBN-13: 9781457670404
For Institutions : $40.72

Pursuing Happiness
A Bedford Spotlight Reader

Matthew Parfitt; Dawn Skorczewski

©2016First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457683770
For Institutions : $24.00


Bram Stoker; Edited by John Paul Riquelme

©2016Second EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457619328
For Institutions : $15.82

Real Skills with Readings
Sentences and Paragraphs for College, Work, and Everyday Life

Susan Anker

©2016Fourth EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457698187
For Institutions : $84.35

Contemporary Readings for Writers

Barclay Barrios

©2016Third EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781457697968
For Institutions : $60.03

Sticks and Stones
And Other Student Essays

Rise B. Axelrod; Charles R. Cooper

©2016Ninth EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319023454
For Institutions : $17.16

Reading Pop Culture
A Portable Anthology

Jeff Ousborne

©2016Second EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319006624
For Institutions : $31.37

Real Writing with Readings
Paragraphs and Essays for College, Work, and Everyday Life

Susan Anker; Nicole Aitken

©2016Seventh EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319003197
For Institutions : $85.14

edaptext eBook for Bedford Researcher (Six Year Access)

Mike Palmquist

©2016Fifth Editione-Book PDFISBN-13: 9781319064167

A Pocket Style Manual, APA Version

Diana Hacker; Nancy Sommers

©2016Seventh EditionSpiral BoundISBN-13: 9781319011130
For Institutions : $31.44

Discover China Level 1 Student's Book and Audio CD Pack

Ding Anqi; Chen Xin; Jing Lili

©2015First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319033392

Discover China Level 1 Workbook

Betty Hung

©2015First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319033408

Accompanying workbooks for each unit of the Discover China s .....[+]

Discover China Level 2 Workbook

Wang Dan

©2015First EditionPaper TextISBN-13: 9781319033422

Accompanying workbooks for each unit of the Discover China s .....[+]

Displaying 46-60 of 187
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