What are people saying about our e-Books?

Students interact with the text—and engage with the course.

“I found it useful for students to highlight text and take notes, and they definitely appreciated it because it meant that they didn't have to keep track of notes, notebooks, etc. The e-book version is helpful because it makes it easy for instructors to use the text in constructing study guides or reading quizzes. Students can easily access the instructor's own notes and highlights, and everyone can stay on track.” — Paul Pedroza, Instructor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Access the e-book easily online.

“The strengths are its portability and ease of access — students can use the hyperlinks/anchors to reach sections immediately and have access to a search function that they are more likely to use.” — Jennifer Wunder, Instructor, Georgia Gwinnett College

“Being able to access the e-book from anywhere online was extremely helpful.” — Karlys White, Instructor, Pennsylvania State University

“I liked the cost and the ease of use. It was good to have access to the text from anywhere I had an Internet connection.” — Daniel Bowen, Student, Salt Lake Community College 

"The e-book was easy-to-use, had a great design, provided a common starting point for discussions in class, and it served as a great companion to the print text.” — Paul Pedroza, Instructor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“It is a much faster way to reference material for class without having to worry about bringing a hard copy.” — Jason Pratts, Student, US Naval Academy

Save your students money.

“It was useful and covered the topics I expected. Served the needs of the course and cost less than a physical copy.” — Shawn Gilmore, Instructor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

“I really liked the e-book. It was perfect for my class, a great price and I was able to get everything set up quickly. It was a great experience and I would use it again.” — Cindy Milligan, Instructor, Georgia State University

“I prefer the e-book, that way I am saving on paper, and saving myself money.” — Jillian Bath, Student, Salt Lake Community College

Go green.

“The e-book is an affordable, easily accessible alternative to bulky, environmentally detrimental textbooks. Quizzes on specific content are particularly useful.” — David Spielman, Instructor, Pennsylvania State University

“I like the e-book because it saves trees and it is easy to use.” — Anquanette Herndon, Student, Georgia State University

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