Created by and for educators, Sapling Learning online homework drives student success with one-on-one educator support and time-saving tools.

Increase Student Achievement

Sapling Learning’s Dynamic Math and Science series is TEA-approved and covers 100% of TEKS with a full interactive curriculum of exercises, practice questions, assessments, and grading.

Instructional Content that Prepares Students for EOC Exams

Written by and for Texas teachers, Sapling Learning instructional content matches the style, level of rigor, and expectations of the EOC exams.

Sapling Learning content includes:

  • Engaging video clips, virtual labs and animations
  • Full-length practice EOC tests and benchmarks
  • Downloadable PowerPoint lessons
  • Narrated video power lessons and tutorials
  • Real-time student progress reporting and analytics
  • Skill-building activities with real-time student coaching and feedback
  • Pre-assessments by reporting category

High School Products Created and Supported by Texas Educators


Dynamic Algebra I, Dynamic Geometry, and Dynamic Algebra II.

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Biology EOC Prep, Chemistry Mastery and Prep, Physics Mastery and Prep, and IPC Mastery and Prep.

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AP Exam Prep

An effective, flexible, and convenient exam preparation program that delivers exceptional results.

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A Teacher Time Saver

Sapling Learning saves teachers time by eliminating labor-intensive manual grading and providing real-time analytics focused on helping teachers increase student achievement.

Automatic Grading

No more grading on nights and weekends. Sapling Learning automatically grades student work in real time so that teachers can focus on teaching while saving time outside of class.

Student Intervention

The Sapling Learning Dynamic product can be a key tool for student intervention. Not only can teachers can monitor each students’ cumulative grade for the course, but they can also review a student’s responses on specific assignments and even individual questions in an assignment.

Interactive Features for Student Success

We know students learn best when given a variety of teaching inputs – text, animation, audio, graphics and photos. Sapling Learning’s dynamic course series provides an immersive learning experience for all types of learners that traditional textbooks just can’t match.

Dynamic eBooks

Each course includes an interactive eBook. Students can highlight, bookmark, and link to the section of the eBook that covers a specific topic to provide an immediately available, pinpointed resource.

iPad Integration

Our Dynamic eBooks are compatible with iPad, providing students with mobile access in a familiar and easy-to-use format.

ESL/ELL Support

Each Dynamic eBook includes a 68-page handbook that provides a teacher guide, student guide, and suggested activity for all of the English Language Proficiency Standards.

Special Education

The Sapling Learning Dynamic and EOC products incorporate teaching components that cater to different types of learners and let students study and work on the assignments at their own pace.

Virtual Labs

The Sapling Learning Dynamic product contains virtual labs that address tough to teach or tough to learn topics. These labs actively engage students and offer opportunities to practice skills without the preparation time, safety hazards, or expenses associated with a live lab.

*AP is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.