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Your Classroom. Our Content. 

Bedford, Freeman, & Worth High School Publishers works with schools across the country as they seek new modes of delivery and new business models for the procurement of content and course materials. We know that learning is local and effective teaching solutions are not one size fits all. We work with schools that want to deploy all content online, or schools that seek faculty training support as they make the leap to digital. The market is changing and BFW offers its services to help you reach your goals.                                               

BFW Digital Solutions

BFW offers a wide variety of print and digital teaching and learning materials in the Humanities, the Sciences and the Social Sciences to meet your classroom needs. Our most popular digital offerings are LaunchPad (our book-specific, online course materials); Writer's Help (our online writing resource); and edaptext, powered by CopiaClass (our BYOD e-book).We can, in most cases, also offer LMS integration between our digital content and your LMS.

We are eager to both consult with you on your ideas and vision for your classroom as the market for learning content evolves, and to demonstrate how Bedford, Freeman, & Worth can create the best suite of tools to support that vision.

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