• New to this Edition

    New co-author Eric Nelson brings an enhanced focus on teaching in today's classroom.  Eric Nelson, a popular and skilled teacher who has become a national leader in online course design and pedagogy, joins Bob Strayer as co-author of Ways of the World. 

    Organized into Six Parts: These parts align to the six time periods established by the College Board for the AP® World History course.  Each part and chapter of this text is structured around a common set of features designed to convey the rich story of humankind while helping students develop the skills required to realize success on the AP® World History exam.

    Understanding AP® Themes  feature at the beginning of each part has students identify the important forces shaping each period and make connections between chapters. This feature includes an AP® Thematic Grid.

    AP® Exam Tips in the margins help students learn important concepts and develop skills to help succeed on the AP® Exam.

    AP® style Exam Practice Questions allow students to test themselves at the end of each part.

    Landmark Timeline:  A chronological overview of key events and processes at the beginning of each part.

    Practicing AP® Historical Thinking questions in the margins ask students to apply what they have learned in the chapter.

    More on the environment and Pacific Oceania gives students expanded coverage of important topics.  The third edition includes enhanced treatment of environmental issues in world history, including a more thorough account of environmentalism and climate change during the past century. Expanded coverage of Pacific Oceana throughout - including new in-depth coverage in Chapter 6 - rightfully positions this distinctive cultural region alongside the other regions of the world, while underscoring the truly global approach of this book. 

    Online Glossaries: The online resources include an AP® World History glossary with every term in the course defined, an Academic Glossary and Glossarios featuring both the AP® and Academic glossaries in Spanish.

    AP® Redesign test bank: featuring content based and AP® style questions.