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    Teacher’s Edition


    View a sample of the Teacher's Edition here. Please email socialstudies@bfwpub.com for the password.

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    The Teacher's Edition is the ultimate teaching tool and provides a wealth of guidance and support for AP® teachers. Each chapter begins with a correlation to the chapter's AP® key concepts, thematic learning objectives, and historical thinking skills, as well as a pacing guide, AP® overview, list of chapter resources, an essential activity, and bell ringers.  Wrap-around annotations include teaching tips, video suggestions, internet activities, and fiction/non-fiction references.  The teaching tips include advice on engaging students, applying the exam tips from the student edition, and teaching AP® historical thinking skills and thematic learning objectives. This teacher's edition is sure to assist every teacher in some manner, from the first-year novice to the most-experienced veteran. View a sample of the Teacher Edition here.

    ExamView® Assessment Suite

    The revised and expanded electronic test bank includes a mix of fresh, carefully crafted multiple-choice, short answer, and essay questions for each chapter. Additionally, each chapter includes a section of multiple-choice questions focused exclusively on the chapter's written and visual sources. In addition to content-based questions, this test bank will include at least two complete AP® exams in the redesign style.

    Teacher’s Resource Material

    The new TRM (Teacher's Resource Materials) is an electronic resource that will work hand-in-glove with the Teacher's Edition to offer lecture outlines, classroom strategies, activities, worksheets, organizers, and maps for classroom use.  Many of these resources have a corresponding point-of-use entry in the Teacher's Edition.


    Going digital? Our edaptext e-Book offers a connected classroom environment, fostering student, teacher, and class communication.  Edaptext includes:

    • Access on multiple devices - PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices via a downloadable app.
    • Downloadable on up to four devices.
    • Offline access to the downloaded text.
    • Personal and shared notes for students and teachers.
    • Offline notes that sync to a personal notebook once the user connects to the Internet.
    • Customizable material for individual needs.
    • A one-of-a-kind Teacher's e-Book, mirroring the print teacher's edition and including embedded resources at the point of use.
    • The ability for teachers to add their own resources, assessments, and other enhancements.
    • Browser-based app available Winter 2016.


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    Available in a package with the print text or stand-alone, LaunchPad offers a complete course's worth of material in an assessable, assignable learning space.  This interactive e-Book also includes LearningCurve, an adaptive quizzing engine with a student satisfaction rate of more than 90%, as well as videos, sources, quizzes, and more.  LaunchPad is ready to use as is, or can be edited and customized with your own material, and assigned right away.   LaunchPad helps you do more than you can with print alone.

    Strive for a 5

    This study and prep guide help students get the most out of the course and effectively prepare for the exam.  The Strive for a 5 provides review content, study strategies, test-taking tips, and practice questions for each part of the textbook.  This edition will also include complete AP® redesign-style practice exams.