• Complete Package to Support Your Instruction

    This book comes with a wrap-around Teacher's Edition, written by veteran AP® teachers and College Board® consultants, who know the course and know the students.

    LaunchPad E-book

    American Government: Stories of a Nation for the AP® Course is available in a range of e-book platforms, including our fully interactive LaunchPad e-book. In LaunchPad, every question in the book is assignable. This means that students can respond directly in the e-book and have their work report to your gradebook. It includes integrated Teacher's Resource Materials and LearningCurve adaptive quizzing, and it works on any device. To find the e-book that's right for you, contact your Bedford, Freeman & Worth sales representative.

    LearningCurve Adaptive Quizzing

    Our LearningCurve adaptive quizzing engine will guide students to mastery of the course content. This first-ever LearningCurve for AP® U.S. Government lives in LaunchPad and is specifically designed to build understanding of the revised AP® course concepts.

    Teacher's Resource Materials

    The Teacher's Resource Materials include everything you need to support your teaching and your students' learning.  From handouts to lesson plans, you'll find it all in the TRM (available as a flash drive, or as resources in the e-book).

    ExamView® Assessment Suite

    The ExamView® Assessment Suite includes more than a thousand AP®-style multiple choice, free-response, and argumentation questions to help students prepare for the AP® Exam. The ExamView Test Generator lets you quickly create paper, Internet, and LAN-based tests. Tests can be created in minutes, and the platform is fully customizable, allowing you to enter your own questions, edit existing questions, set time limits, and incorporate multimedia. To discourage plagiarism and cheating, the test bank can scramble answers and change the order of questions. Detailed results reports feed into a gradebook.

    Foundational Documents and Court Cases Reader

    The Foundational Documents and Court Cases Reader includes all of the documents and cases required by the College Board®, as well as some frequently taught works that go beyond the course framework. Each document is accompanied by commentary and guided questions, to help students understand these complex texts.