• Prepare students for the AP® exam. Develop political scientists.

    American Government: Stories of a Nation for the AP® Course contains features that scaffold and reinforce the AP® skills necessary for your students to succeed on the redesigned exam. The integrated AP® Political Science Practices found throughout each chapter prepare students to tackle the difficult questions they will face on the exam, while also guiding them to think and discern like political scientists. Students will then encounter more AP® support and practice at the end of each section, chapter, and unit. Your students can hone their skills with an abundance of questions in AP® multiple-choice and free-response formats.

    Integrated AP® Political Science Practices

    Each chapter within Stories of a Nation incorporates two to three  AP® Political Science Practices on a variety of topics and skills aligned with the redesigned course. The  AP® Political Science Practices features familiarize students with the type of questions they will encounter on the exam and then guide students to ask the right questions so that they can give a successful answer.

  • AP® Political Science Practices Exam Task Verbs

    Chapter 1: American Government and Politics


    AP® Political Science Practices Analyzing Primary Sources

    Chapter 2: The Constitution


    AP® Political Science Practices Analyzing Supreme Court Cases

    Chapter 3: Federalism


  • Integrated AP® Exam Practice

    Throughout Stories of a Nation, students will find many opportunities to put their newfound skills to work with integrated AP® Exam Practice.  At the end of every section and again at the end of every chapter and unit, students will find multiple-choice, free-response, and argumentation problems to help prepare them for the AP® exam. The questions are written and vetted by AP® teachers to align with the new course and exam.