Available 09.16.2019
1200 Update Ways of the World with Sources for the AP® Modern Course
Fourth Edition   ©2020

1200 Update Ways of the World with Sources for the AP® Modern Course

Robert W. Strayer , Eric W. Nelson

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-23657-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-23657-1; Format: Cloth Text, 1024 pages

PRELIMINARY volume publishing in August 2019

AP® World History Starts Here

If you plan to begin your course at 1200 C.E., we have a Ways of the World for you! This brand new brief edition combines the thorough examination of significant historical trends, themes, and developments that Strayer/Nelson in known for, but opens with an entirely new “Part One” written specifically for this new course. By first setting the stage of world history at 1200 C.E., Strayer and Nelson provide a thoughtful and insightful commentary that helps students see the big picture of the 1200 start date and models historical thinking and writing throughout. Like the complete fourth edition, this briefer volume is even more focused on the needs of AP® students, with AP® Skills Workshops, DBQ-aligned Working with Evidence features, and more opportunities for students to hone their AP® skills and practice for the exam. Whether you move to a 1200 start date or continue to teach the full course, we have the market-leading book for you!

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