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Documenting United States History

Themes, Concepts, and Skills for the AP* Course

Jason Stacy (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville) , Stephen Heller

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-2012-X; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-2012-6; Format: Cloth Text, 592 pages
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Build historical thinking skills. Master the AP® Exam.

Updated for the 2015 AP® US History Redesigned Course revisions.

Authored by experienced AP® teachers, workshop leaders, and AP® Exam readers, this document reader is the must-have resource for your redesigned AP® US History classroom. Documenting US History complements your textbook and in class work by helping students cultivate the historical skills they will need to think critically and purposefully.

The 22 chapters follow the 9 periods of U.S. History as defined in the new framework. Within each period and chapter, pedagogical tools scaffold students’ development of the historical thinking skills central to the course and the exam. Key concepts are illustrated by primary documents and secondary sources including written texts, drawings, photographs, maps, and charts.

The units are developed sequentially, beginning with fundamental building blocks to writing historical argument moving toward effective ways of using and organizing evidence and concluding with different ways of approaching historical argument.

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