EasyWriter, A High School Reference
Fifth Edition   ©2014

EasyWriter, A High School Reference

Andrea A. Lunsford (Stanford University)

  • ISBN-10: 1-4576-4252-2; ISBN-13: 978-1-4576-4252-4; Format: Cloth Text, 400 pages
  • For Institutions:$38.24

Your key to unlocking the Common Core

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Driven by Andrea Lunsford’s ground-breaking research on student writing habits, EasyWriter: A High School Reference is an essential guide for students looking to make effective academic writing choices. This edition has been specifically designed to meet the needs of the Common Core classroom. To help students work with informational texts, it features an expanded chapter on Critical Thinking and Argument; help with evaluating, integrating, and synthesizing sources to support arguments; and detailed attention to critical reading to strengthen students’ text-based analysis skills. Andrea’s trademark rhetorical approach to the grammar and mechanics of language is enhanced with advice on word choice, expanding vocabulary, and sharpening spelling skills. Coverage of speaking and listening is expanded to include not just public speaking, but participating in classroom discussions, collaborating with peers, and using note-taking strategies to listen actively. You get all this in a pocket handbook that’s easy to use, easy to carry, and easy to afford.

"Andrea Lunsford's EasyWriter is a user-friendly gem for the high school student who needs to quickly look up correct formatting and documentation procedures as well as for the student who is willing to go into depth on constructing an argument."

—Marina Vladova, Andrews Osborne Academy, OH
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