Available 02.03.2020
Fabric of a Nation
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Fabric of a Nation

A Brief Narrative with Skills and Sources, For the AP® Course

Jason Stacy (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville) , Matthew J. Ellington (Ruben S. Ayala Senior High School, California)

  • ISBN-10: 1-319-17817-0; ISBN-13: 978-1-319-17817-8; Format: Cloth Text

A Revolution in AP® U.S History

In 2014, College Board rolled out a new AP® U.S. History course, which centered less on memorizing content and more on developing skills. Since then, the course has been modified here and there, but very little has changed in AP® textbooks—content is still king. Until now. Fabric of a Nation is the first book to truly embrace this dramatic shift in the AP® course and in how history is taught.

Built from the ground up by long-time AP® leaders Jason Stacy and Matthew Ellington, this book offers a new approach to AP® US History by seamlessly integrating:

  • A brief historical narrative
  • AP® skills practice
  • Primary source documents
  • Exact alignment to the AP® course

Now, that’s revolutionary!

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